Transect 1 – Shetland

Rate and style of ice-sheet retreat constrained by new geological, marin-geophysical and geochronological data:  (T1) Shetland and northern North Sea sector, British-Irish ice sheet, T. Bradwell et al (in press).

Jenny Altho in press

J. Quat. Sci.

Transect 2 – North Sea

The mixedbed glacial landform imprint of the North Sea Lobe in the western North Sea

Roberts DH, Grimoldi E, Callard L, Evans DJ, Clark CD, Stewart HA, Dove D, Saher M, Cofaigh CÓ, Chiverrell RC, Bateman MD, Moreton SG, Bradwell T, Fabel D, Medialdea A

Earth Surf. Processes Landforms, 2018 

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A chronology for North Sea Lobe advance and recession on the Lincolnshire and Norfolk coasts during MIS 2 and 6

Evans DJ, Roberts DH, Bateman MD, Ely J, Medialdea A, Burke MJ, Chiverrell RC, Clark CD, Fabel D

Proc. Geol. Assoc., 2018 

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Ice marginal dynamics of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet in the southern North Sea : Ice limits, timing and the influence of the Dogger Bank

Roberts DH, Evans DJ, Callard SL, Clark CD, Bateman MD, Medialdea A, Dove D, Cotterill CJ, Saher M, Cofaigh CÓ, Chiverrell RC, Moreton SG, Fabel D, Bradwell T

Quat. Sci. Rev., 2018 

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Sedimentation during Marine Isotope Stage 3 at the eastern margins of the Glacial Lake Humber basin, England

Evans DJ, Roberts DH, Bateman MD, Medialdea A, Ely J, Moreton SG, Clark CD, Fabel D

J. Quat. Sci., 2018 

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The timing and consequences of the blockage of the Humber Gap by the last British−Irish Ice Sheet

Bateman MD, Evans DJ, Roberts DH, Medialdea A, Ely J, Clark CD

Boreas, 2018 

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Glacial Lake Pickering: stratigraphy and chronology of a proglacial lake dammed by the North Sea Lobe of the British-Irish Ice Sheet

Evans DJ, Bateman MD, Roberts DH, Medialdea A, Hayes L, Duller GA, Fabel D, Clark CD

J. Quat. Sci., 2017 

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Rapid ice sheet retreat triggered by ice stream debuttressing: Evidence from the North Sea

Sejrup HP, Clark CD, Hjelstuen BO

Geology, 2016 

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Transect 3 – Irish Sea East

 Morphological and sedimentary responses to ice mass interaction during the last deglaciation

Chiverrell RC, Burke MJ, Thomas GS

J. Quat. Sci., 2016 

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Ice margin oscillations during deglaciation of the northern Irish Sea Basin

Chiverrell RC, Smedley RK, Small D, Ballantyne CK, Burke MJ, Callard SL, Clark CD, Duller GA, Evans DJ, Fabel D, van Landeghem K, Livingstone S, Ó Cofaigh C, Thomas GS, Roberts DH, Saher M, Scourse JD, Wilson P

J. Quat. Sci., 2018 

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Transect 4 – Irish Sea West

A stratigraphic investigation of the Celtic Sea megaridges based on seismic and core data from the Irish-UK sectors

Lockhart EA, Scourse JD, Praeg D, Van Landeghem KJ, Mellett C, Saher M, Callard L, Chiverrell RC, Benetti S, Cofaigh CÓ, Clark CD

Quat. Sci. Rev., 2018 

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Trough geometry was a greater influence than climate-ocean forcing in regulating retreat of the marine-based Irish-Sea Ice Stream

Small D, Smedley RK, Chiverrell RC, Scourse JD, Cofaigh CÓ, Duller GA, McCarron S, Burke MJ, Evans DJ, Fabel D, Gheorghiu DM, Thomas GS, Xu S, Clark CD

GSA Bulletin, 2018 

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Internal dynamics condition centennial-scale oscillations in marine-based ice-stream retreat

Smedley RK, Chiverrell RC, Ballantyne CK, Burke MJ, Clark CD, Duller GA, Fabel D, McCarroll D, Scourse JD, Small D, Thomas GS

Geology, 2017 

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New age constraints for the limit of the British–Irish Ice Sheet on the Isles of Scilly

Smedley RK, Scourse JD, Small D, Hiemstra JF, Duller GA, Bateman MD, Burke MJ, Chiverrell RC, Clark CD, Davies SM, Fabel D, Gheorghiu DM, McCarroll D, Medialdea A, Xu S

J. Quat. Sci., 2017 

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Advance and retreat of the marin-terminating Irish Sea Ice Stream into the Celtic Sea during the Last Glacial:  Timing and maximum extent

Scourse, J. et al

Marine Geology, 2019 

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Transect 5 – Galway Bay

Sedimentology and chronology of the advance and retreat of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet on the continental shelf west of Ireland

Peters JL, Benetti S, Dunlop P, Ó Cofaigh C, Moreton SG, Wheeler AJ, Clark CD

Quat. Sci. Rev., 2016 

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Transect 6 – Donegal Bay

Deglaciation chronology of the Donegal Ice Centre, northwest Ireland

Wilson P, Ballantyne CK, Benetti S, Small D, Fabel D, Clark CD

J. Quat. Sci., 2018 

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Early deglaciation of the British-Irish Ice Sheet on the Atlantic shelf northwest of Ireland driven by glacioisostatic depression and high relative sea level

Ó Cofaigh C, Weilbach K, Lloyd JM, Benetti S, Callard SL, Purcell RC, Chiverrell RC, Dunlop P, Saher M, Livingstone SJ, Van Landeghem KJ, Moreton SG, Clark CD, Fabel D

Quat. Sci. Rev., 2019 

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Transect 7 – Malin Sea

Extent and retreat history of the Barra Fan Ice Stream offshore western Scotland and northern Ireland during the last glaciation

Callard SL, Ó Cofaigh C, Benetti S, Chiverrell RC, Van Landeghem KJ, Saher MH, Gales JA, Small D, Clark CD, Livingstone SJ, Fabel D, Moreton SG

Quat. Sci. Rev., 2018 

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Cosmogenic exposure age constraints on deglaciation and flow behaviour of a marine-based ice stream in western Scotland, 21–16 ka

Small D, Benetti S, Dove D, Ballantyne CK, Fabel D, Clark CD, Gheorghiu DM, Newall J, Xu S

Quat. Sci. Rev., 2017  Click here to read 

Weathering fluxes and sediment provenance on the SW Scottish shelf during the last deglaciation

Arosio R, Crocket KC, Nowell GM, Callard SL, Howe JA, Benetti S, Fabel D, Moreton S, Clark CD

Mar. Geol., 2017 

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Transect 8 – The Minch

Marine ice sheet instability and ice shelf buttressing of the Minch Ice Stream, northwest Scotland

Gandy N, Gregoire LJ, Ely JC, Clark CD, Hodgson DM, Lee V, Bradwell T, Ivanovic RF

The Cryosphere, 2018 

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Submarine sediment and landform record of a palaeo-ice stream within the British−Irish Ice Sheet: Submarine sediments and landforms of a palaeo-ice stream, British−Irish Ice Sheet

Bradwell T, Stoker MS

Boreas, 2015 

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Ice-stream demise dynamically conditioned by trough shape and bed strength.

Bradwell, T., Small, D., Fabel, D., Smedley, R.K., Clark, C.D., Saher, M.H., Callard, S.L., Chiverrell, R.C., Dove, D., Moreton, S.G., Roberts, D.H., Duller, G.A.T., Ó Cofaigh, C

Sci Adv 5, eaau1380. 2019

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Ice sheet wide papers

Glacial landforms: a teaching resource in maps and GIS

Clark, C.D., Ely JC, Doole J

Teaching Geography, 2018

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BRITICE Glacial Map, version 2: a map and GIS database of glacial landforms of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet

Clark CD, Ely JC, Greenwood SL, Hughes AL, Meehan R, Barr ID, Bateman MD, Bradwell T, Doole J, Evans DJ, Jordan CJ, Monteys X, Pellicer XM, Sheehy M

Boreas, 2018 

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Devising quality assurance procedures for assessment of legacy geochronological data relating to deglaciation of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet

Small D, Clark CD, Chiverrell RC, Smedley RK, Bateman MD, Duller GA, Ely JC, Fabel D, Medialdea A, Moreton SG

Earth-Sci. Rev., 2017 

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ATAT 1.1, the Automated Timing Accordance Tool for comparing ice-sheet model output with geochronological data.

Geoscientific Model Development, 12, 933—953

Ely, J. C. and Clark, C. D. and Small, D. and Hindmarsh, R. C. A. (2019).