Research Cruise 2014 – Ship Diary


16 July 2014

jsscook-southampton-july PI Chris Clark reflects the excitement of the team that the first BRITICE-CHRONO cruise is about to commence after 4years in planning and wishes good luck to Chief Scientist Colm O’Cofaigh and  the crew.

1870m of plastic tubing, 1250m of duck tape, 1500m of cling film, 825m of electrical tape, 2 pots of glue just in case are loaded on board!

Bon Voyage!!

19 July 2014

watchteam 24hr round-the-clock geophysics watches start from Friday evening, for the Day and Night shift teams.

20 July 2014

firstcore The team takes the first Celtic Sea core, a 4m long piston sequence from ~500m of water beyond the shelf break

21 July 2014

splittingcore Work begins splitting cores in the search for sediments dating the last ice sheet in the Celtic Sea.

22 July 2014

firstc14 1st 14C sample from the Celtic Sea in glacimarine muds!

23 July 2014

threeam The middle of the night finds our crew from the British Geological Survey very happy … after a lot of sand, the glorious mud arrives….

Click here to find out how the Team operate the 5000kg vibrocorer, day and night, throughout the Cruise.

25 July 2014

marinemammals Our Marine Mammal Observer, Marian McGrath, blogs from the boat and explains why we need to ensure the safety and protection of marine mammals from man-made noise pollution in the ocean, which can damage or kill cetaceans which have very sensitive hearing.

To read her blog, click here.

28 July 2014

transect4end Work on Transect 4 draws to a successful close, and the RSS James Cook moves on to Transect 3 and the Irish Sea…

Click here to read Professor James Scourse’s reflections on our work to further understanding of this controversial and enigmatic part of the British-Irish Ice Sheet.

29 July 2014

tillcore And the cores keep coming on Transect 3 – setting new BRITICE-CHRONO records with 5.77m of glacimarine muds overlying Irish Sea diamicton, and tills!

30 July 2014

glanamdata Meanwhile, on our GLANAM colleagues on the Science Team get to grips with the seismic data from Irish Sea with help from Professor Richard Chiverrell.

Click here to read Richard’s summary of work on Transect 3.

2 August 2014

malinseacore One of the first BRITICE-CHRONO cores from the Malin Sea returns to the surface, fingers crossed for some mud….

3 August 2014

firstleg Leg 1 of BRITICE-CHRONO Cruise 1 draws to a choppy close as the RSS James Cook approachs the port of Killybegs in Western Ireland

5 August 2014

leavingkillybeks The RRS James Cook Leg 2, as BRITICE-CHRONO Cruise 1 heads into Donegal Bay, having said goodbye to some of the team and wecomed new crew members.

5 August 2014

corestorage Our core container after vibrocore campaigns in the Irish and Celtic Sea during Leg 1 of the Cruise.

6 August 2014

tsbertha Uh-oh, the remants of Tropical Storm Bertha look set to run straight into the BRITICE-CHRONO cruise at the weekend…

6 August 2014

Wet room Scientist Kevin Schiele, hard at work in the Wet Lab of the RSS James Cook, by the light of the port holes.  He is photographed by Alex Ingle, our professional filmaker, who joined the team in Killybeks, and will produce a rich photographic and documentary record of the cruise for our Outreach work.

10 August 2014

roomwithoutaview Elke Hanenkamp out MSCL Operator, writes about her work on board analysing cores for density and porosity before they are split and sampled by our scientists.Find out more about her role, and why she is known as ‘The Harbinger of Cores’ in her blog entry, A Room Without a View.

11 August 2014

moon Richard Chiverrell posts an amazing shot of Kasper’s moon taken from the RRS James Cook aft deck, following an excellent early morning of vibrocoring

13 August 2014

vibrocorerservice It’s all hands on deck as the BGS ‘Vibrocorer’ needs some servicing between cores.

14 August 2014

malinseameander Meandering through the Malin Sea: covering the ground, recovering the mud + labs now waiting for the materials

17 August 2014

leg2 Cruise 1 Leg 2: Transect completions coming thick and fast…

Read about it here, in the blog post

19 August 2014

jennyatsea Claire Mellett and Jenny Gales (pictured), from British Geological Survey, give their Engineer’s Apprentice veiw of life on the cruise…

Read it here.

21 August 2014


1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock rock (well…compressed mud), you can rock around the clock….

Read all about it here!

22 August 2014

porpcupine Transect 5 completed:- >60 cores, new data on diamict extent, shells, happy crew!

Read it here.

 24 August 2014

team BRITICE-CHRONO Cruise 1: an amazing 223 cores, surveys, new friends, great science + fun for all

 24 August 2014

circumnavigate 5200 miles on RRS James Cook BRITICE-CHRONO cruise JC106 voyage around Ireland, currently pootling along the south coast..

 25 August 2014

 murkyskies This is more like it … murky drizzle to welcome the team home, after a very lucky 6 weeks at sea.

 8 September 2014

 stars Richard Chiverrell sums up his experience on the fantastically successful BRITICE-CHRONO Cruise 1, for the University of Liverpool news service.

Read his interview here.