Research Cruise 2015 – Ship Diary


3 July 2015

The B-C Team set off on Cruise JC123, into glorious weather on the Solent.

Bon Voyage!!

5 July 2015

An audience of BRITICECHRONO scientists watch as the British Geological Survey Vibrocorer has its first test of the cruise

7 July 2015

The first cores reach the surface…

After a speedy 19nm through the Pentland Firth, and the first vibrocore at Cape Wrath (producing 2m of mud/diamict), choppy seas force a retreat towards the Minch between Lewis and Mainland, with 6 vibrocores planned today.

10 July 2015

Hard at work in the ‘Multi-Sensor Core Logger’ container

11 July 2015

Principal Investigator Chris Clark shares the team’s Plan A for survey and coring in the North Sea, with the hope that the weather, waves and kit will make it possible.

12 July 2015

BRITICE-CHRONO scientists are proud to join in their work to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in and around the UK and European waters, by completing a week’s intensive survey of sealife around the James Cook.

13 July 2015

Rich Chiverrell and Tom Bradwell blog from the Jaws of the Minch…

Read their blog here

16 July 2015

Our amazing photographer and filmmaker, Alex Ingle, takes time to blog from the boat …

Click here to read A Photographer’s Perspective

17 July 2015

Leaving Shetland and heading eastwards for the Norwegian Trench & the edge of British Ice Sheet

18 July 2015

Tom Bradwell, BRITICE-CHRONO Transect Leader, gives us an insight into life as Night Shift scientist.

Read his blog here in North, beyond Shetland: A Daysleeper’s diary


19 July 2015

Transect 1 Shetland – transect complete – 1438.67km survey, 39 vibro + 3 piston cores, 116.32m of mud! .

20 July 2015

Feel the Team’s excitement as they cross impressive tunnel valleys in the seabed of the North Sea!

 27 July 2015

 27julyBRITICE-CHRONO Scientist Dave Roberts writes about the epic trek north to south from Shetland to the Dogger Bank in the southern North Sea.

Read his blog post, Cruising Doggerland, here


29 July 2015

Take a tour of the James Cook from the bridge, right down to the engine room…

Read his blog post, Portrait of a Research Ship, here


31 July 2015

Negotiating the North Sea and the oil rigs, while drilling the final cores of Cruise JC 123

2 August 2015

A successful cruise draws to a close, with a happy team and locker full of cores. 

Congratualtions to Team JC 123